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2011 PNW-ASEE Section Meeting
March 31 - April 2
Gonzaga University, Spokane, Washington

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James Stice, the Bob R. Dorsey Professor Emeritus in Engineering at University of Texas at Austin, will be the plenary speaker.

 Dr. Stice is a major figure in engineering education.  As cofounder of the National Effective Teaching Institute, he and his cohorts have travelled the world, educating engineering educators on the finer points of pedagogy. He focuses on both philosophy and hands-on techniques, and has, for the past 25 years, offered a summer course on teaching for graduate students.

 Renowned in his field, Dr. Stice's vita includes multiple teaching excellence awards, including ASEE's prestigious Chester F. Carlson Award for Innovation in Engineering Teaching, as well as scores of articles in his academic area of chemical engineering and in engineering pedagogy.

 Dr. Stice will offer the opening session at the meeting, consisting of a short talk followed by a workshop related to active learning techniques.


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Conference Program (PDF)


Outstanding Teacher
Robert Driver, University of Alberta

Outstanding Paper
Qin Ma, Walla Walla University
"Using mini-FEA to Assist the Teaching of Engineering Finite Element Methods to Undergraduate Students"

Outstanding Campus Representative
Thadd Welch, Boise State University


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2010-2011 PNW Section Contacts

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Assessment and Evaluation
  • "Sustainable Measurement of UI Mechanical Engineering Program Educational Objectives," John Crepeau, University of Idaho  (Abstract)
  • "The Importance of Context on Students' Understanding of Normal and Shear Stress," Shane Brown, Washington State University  (Abstract)
  •  "Experience with the College-Wide Transition from Paper to On-Line Course Evaluations," Robert Olsen, Washington State University  (Abstract)

Design and Community

  • "Understanding Faculty and Practitioner Involvement in a Capstone Interdisciplinary Design Experience," Nadia Frye, Washington State University  (Abstract)
  • "Authentic Learning and Assessment of Professional Skills in Project Courses," Denny Davis, Washington State University  (Abstract)
  • "Social Networks and Non-traditional Engineering Student Recruitment, Retention, and Success," Richard Grimmett, BYU-Idaho  (Abstract)
  • "Communities and Engineering Education," Marc Schulte, Tetra Tech, Inc.  (Abstract)

Teaching Tools 1

  • "Reinforced Concrete Nominal Moment Calculator - A Computer tool for Civil Engineering Students," Louie Yaw, Walla Walla University  (Abstract)
  • "Teaching Electromagnetic Phenomena in Computer Engineering," Orlando Baiocchi, Institute of Technology, UW Tacoma  (Abstract)
  • "Using mini-FEA to Assist the Teaching of Engineering Finite Element Methods
    to Undergraduate Students," Qin Ma, Walla Walla University  (Abstract)
  • "Pinewood Derby: Project-based Learning in an Engineering Dynamics Course," Richard Bankhead, Highline Community College (Abstract)

Teaching Tools 2

  • "Construction of a Laboratory Apparatus for Enhancing Undergraduate Instruction on Contaminant Transport in the Environment," Jillian Cadwell, Gonzaga University  (Abstract)  (Paper)
  • "Student-Generated and Student-Maintained Resources for Knowledge Management in CAD and Laboratory Courses," Dan Cordon, University of Idaho  (Abstract)
  • "Development of Two Hands-On Modules for High School Students," Nehal Abu-Lail, Washington State University  (Abstract)
  • "Uncovering Complex Processes Using Visualization Tools: A Case Study from Traffic Signal Systems Education," Michael Kyte, University of Idaho  (Abstract)
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  •  "Student-Centered Problem Solving Assessment for Better Learning and for ABET," Barbra Williams and Ken Noren, University of Idaho  (Abstract)
  • "Measuring Conceptual Understanding in Engineering," Shane Brown, Washington State University  (Abstract)



The 2012 PNW-ASEE Conference is scheduled to be March 15th - 17th at University of Portland